It’s safe to say that America has World Cup Fever! Between ESPN and Univision, over 24 million people watched the United States’draw with Portugal. Because of the World Cup’s significance as a global social media event, I challenge you to jump in and get involved in the action. To experience the breadth of content being posted on social media, use the hashtags #WorldCup, #WorldCup2014, #Brazil2014, #USMNT, and #OneNationOneTeam.

Millions of tweets, photos, and videos are being posted globally about every single World Cup game. In the same way that the Super Bowl is an ideal opportunity to see how fans react in real-time to game action, brand participation, and news commentary, the World Cup is a global phenomenon that speaks to how significant social media is to our society.

The World Cup has already broken Facebook engagement records just one week in to the tournament. Check out how World Cup activity on Facebook stacks up against the Super Bowl and the Olympics. It is a true Global and Social event.

– World Cup Week 1 (June 12–June 18): 141M people – 459M interactions (posts, comments & likes)

– Super Bowl XVIII (Feb. 2): 50M people – 185M interactions (posts, comments & likes)

– Sochi Games (Feb. 6-23): 45M people – 120M interactions (posts, comments and likes)

Check out this USA World Cup Vent, a professionaly moderated collection of photos, videos, and Tweets about Team USA: