Mark Cuban made a comment a few months ago that he wished people would put their phones away while in the Mavericks stadium. I have great respect for Cuban, but, in this case, I think he is way off base. For someone who is such a forward thinker when it comes to technology, he is missing the point of what mobile means to the overall sports viewing experience.

Many fans use their phones as a gateway to an enhanced stadium experience. That experience includes real-time stats on every facet of the game, on demand replays, trash talking on social networks, and sharing highlights with their closest friends. Cuban argues that fans use phones in stadiums when they’re bored. While this is

 true for many people and situations, it’s not an all-inclusive statement.

There are too many benefits to the fan experience that come from tapping in to the power of mobile for Cuban to ignore. It’s arguable that fans using their phones in stadium are more engaged. They could be using their mobile device to upgrade seats, order food, view player statistics, share pictures to social networks, and check the status of their fantasy teams.

Let’s say a fan looks to his phone because he’s bored with the game action, the optimal mobile experience could serve to re-engage him. There are natural lulls in game action. Depending on the sport, a fan’s mobile device can be a savior to an otherwise arduous activity. When was the last time you sat through a 4 hour baseball game without looking at your phone?
For many football fans who are proud season ticket holders, their mobile devices allow them to enjoy the game while being connected to their fantasy rosters. I couldn’t imagine attending an Eagles game without my phone. 
Today’s sports fan is comfortable with multi-tasking. He or she can watch the game, send a message to a friend, post a game photo to Instagram, and respond to a Tweet, all without missing a single thing. This is the sports experience that Cuban needs to cater to.
Every fan is unique. And, it’s through our mobile devices that teams can deliver the best possible experience for each person.