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Where CES and Digital Signage Meet

The doors haven’t officially opened to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That hasn’t stopped the technology news from Sin City from coming hot and heavy. Tech giants from LG, Toshiba, Intel, AT&T, and Motorola are dropping new products faster than the next. Intel announced

When looking across blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, GDGT, and Venturebeat, I’m struck by the impact new products coming out of CES will have on the digital signage and DOOH sectors. The  most buzz so far has been around:

– Glasses-free 3D displays
– Tablets
– Android
– Gesture-recognition systems
– 4G/LTE devices

Every one of those technologies is important to the future of digital signage.

4G mobile broadband is set to redefine wireless connectivity. Gesture and touch are the user interfaces of the future. The openness of the Android platform will see the operating system proliferate across a range of devices, including digital signage displays and interactive media solutions. Tablets are the quintessential all-in-one small-form factor digital signage solution. Glasses-free 3D displays will find their way into our homes and public environments.

Which technology, or product, coming out of CES are you most excited about?

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