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Video on Instagram is a Digital Signage Win

Today, Facebook announced that photo-sharing app Instagram can now be used to capture video. With 130 million monthly users, Instagram’s new video feature is sure to foster billions of video clips. The app’s users have already shared 16 billion photos to date.

With its new video function, Instagram is expanding its users’ ability to “capture life’s moments.” Whereas pictures with an array of filters once sated people’s creative appetites, 15-second Instagram videos will take the platform to another level. By limiting video to 15-seconds, Instagram is subscribing to the mantra of snackable content. Similar to Twitter’s 140-character and Vine’s 6-second limit, it ensures that users can continue to consume content as freely as they can create it. Constraints inspire creativity.

In the same manner that Instagram photos, Tweets, and Facebook posts can be used to create powerful location-based and contextually relevant digital signage content, Instagram videos will further satisfy digital place-based networks’ endless content appetites. With Twitter-owned Vine’s rapid growth, achieving over 13 million downloads to date, and now video on Instagram, a social media world once dominated by photos is clearly evolving. That evolution will see Instagram videos created by brands, sports teams, and countless users find their way to digital signage networks across the globe.

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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