I can’t stop thinking about real-time data, and its value to media organizations (including digital signage networks). Real-time data is invaluable to content publishers. It streamlines distribution and fosters content delivery that best matches current demand. Real-time data via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Digg, Delicious…the list goes on and on…create a mosaic through which media companies can intelligently filter information.

Continuous streams of data, compiled via check-ins, status updates, real-time searches, et al., flow through our digital and physical worlds. Real-time information provides unparalleled contextual relevance to news stories and events. It gives media organizations an enhanced view of their audiences so that they can best communicate with them. It acts as a foundation for richer consumer engagement. Real-time data pushes content producers to listen to the voice of the “crowd,”  learn from it, and act on it.