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Social Photo Sharing, DOOH, and You

This pic was taken with a Motorola Droid X on February 24, 2011. It was processed with the Enhanced Definition filter.

I love telling people about new mobile applications. As of late, two of my favorite applications to recommend to people are Instagram and PicPlz. The social photo sharing apps with built-in filter effects are as addictive as they are cool. Not only that, but I find great utility in the apps due to their all-encompassing focus on social sharing. Automatic location-tagging, on-the-spot photo editing, and seamless connectivity to social networks make these apps incredibly valuable to individuals and brands alike.

PicPlz and Instagram are just two of a growing breed of social photo sharing applications. Path, Color, and Foodspotting are just a few of the other mobile photo apps fighting for users’ attention. On top of that, the majority of these companies are making their APIs widely available so people can develop on their platforms. From interactive screensavers that pull pictures from Instagram to maps with geo-tagged photos that exist as beautiful mosaics, these applications foster the expansion of vibrant communities and experiences.

While bringing in feeds from Instagram, PicPlz, and Foodspotting is the simplest example of how DOOH networks could leverage social photo sharing apps, these applications present countless opportunities to place-based media networks. Everything from location-based gaming to augmented reality photo booths could be explored at the convergence of DOOH networks and social photo sharing applications.

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