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Shelly Palmer’s Keynote at #DSE2011 was Great!

I must admit that I didn’t really know anything about Shelly Palmer prior to today’s keynote. I, of course, read his bio in the DSE materials – Host of Digital Life w/ Shelly Palmer and MediaBytes – but I didn’t know what his true philosophies were toward digital media and emerging technology.

After this morning’s keynote, I can emphatically say that Shelly Palmer and I see eye-to-eye. He spoke passionately about the importance of people in the digital signage industry living their lives digitally. He got visibly and audibly fired up over the fact that few among the audience used Google Alerts (I was in the minority of people who use the service daily) to track real-time information about the industry, competitors, their own companies, prospects, etc. He went off on the audience, in a good way, and implored all of us to make use of a wide range of digital tools every day.

I captured a lot of notes during the session, primarily through posting updates on Twitter. Rather than regurgitating everything that was said during the keynote, I have attached some of my favorite quotes below. Feel free to visit my Twitter feed (@davidweinfeld) to view all of my notes and thoughts from the session.

“All technology is meaningless unless it changes the way we behave.”
(my favorite quote from the entire session)

“It is unacceptable to be at a Digital Signage Expo and not be completely digital in your life.” YES!

“Only two kinds of people and two kinds of devices in the world: CONNECTED and NOT CONNECTED.”

“The number one show at 10pm on Friday night is TiVo. People make choices!” #dse2011

“He who is closest to the sale wins. Now people are taking their signs with them.”

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