I am completely fascinated by autonomous vehicles. I love reading about the many startups and major car manufacturers working on self-driving vehicles. It’s incredible to think about how much our lives will change when we no longer need to drive our cars.

The design of cars will change. People may begin living farther outside of cities.  It’s a complete paradigm shift when you go from having to be alert behind the wheel to comfortably lounging in you car, working, or even sleeping.

Billboards will change. Currently, roadside digital billboards are heavily scrutinized to ensure driver safety. Creative can’t include moving imagery so as not to distract drivers. This will surely change when self driving cars go mainstream. Digital billboards lining our highways will transform from rotating static digital images to vibrant canvases for motion-filled creative. As we have more time on our hands, with our digits no longer locked to our steering wheels, we will spend more time on our mobile devices. Self driving cars will support the propagation of a myriad of new mobile experiences. Apps could be created to make our driving trips more informative and interactive.

Highway billboards will become instantly reactive screens that change based on the unique interests and demographics of people on the road (we are already begin to see the early stages of this). Data from mobile devices used inside self driving cars will surely be mined and analyzed to make billboards more engaging and valuable. How often will DOOH billboards change? Will there be an endless array of ads with slightly different creative executions? What mobile apps will be used most by now passive occupants of self driving cars?  Our highways could become one giant social network, giving people the opportunity to communicate in real-time with nearby commuters. 

With the expansion of virtual reality, passengers may choose to be transported to unique places with visuals and sounds that alter the highway landscape. Wouldn’t it be more fun to put on a VR headset and imagine driving through historical city streets or foreign lands than seeing the same trees and barriers that accompany your daily commute? Perhaps riding in a self driving car could be used as the foundation for a massive multiplayer interactive game.