It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I made my first trip to the UK, spent time in London for Screenmedia Expo, spoke at 3 conferences (including a TEDx event), and spent awesome face-to-face time with the Screenreach team.

My Experience at Screenmedia Expo

I really enjoyed my time at Screenmedia Expo. Since I was manning a booth, I, unfortunately, didn’t get much time to walk the show floor. Next time I’m going to block a piece of my schedule out for this very activity. I did have some great conversations with attendees and other exhibitors on the show floor. Overall, I would say that the conference was a success.

I had a full session for my talk around mobile and digital signage convergence (I’ll post the slides on Slideshare). I posed some questions to the session attendees around location-based services, mobile applications, and social media. Only a handful had ever used a check-in app like Foursquare or Gowalla. When I asked the audience how many people accessed Facebook on their phone, everyone raised their hands. I used that information as a foundational part of my discussion. The mobile-social connectivity realized through accessing Facebook on one’s smartphone embodies the fullness of the cross-platform opportunities that exist for digital signage.

The Diverse Group of Speakers at Thinking Digital

Paul Rawlings, CEO of Screenreach, and I shared the stage at Thinking Digital in Newcastle, UK. Thinking Digital was a really interesting conference, with speakers that spanned a myriad of sectors and disciplines. The speakers included a Carnegie Mellon University Roboticist, the CEO and Founder of Wolfram Research, the Director of Microsoft’s Applied Science Group, the CEO of Wordnik, and a Cisco VP – an eclectic group, to say the least.

Through the event’s diverse range of speakers, Thinking Digital illustrated the various ways technology is impacting our lives. By looking at the subject from a collection of different perspectives, it provided a holistic view of technology’s transformative effects. It did so by looking at the anthropological, societal, academic, and scientific forces leading us toward an increasingly digital future.

Using Mobile Interactivity to Tell a Dynamic Story at TEDx

A little over a week ago I had the privilege of speaking at TEDx Chapel Hill. The theme of the event was Global Health & Technology. While the subject matter was just a tad different (gross understatement alert) from my typical day-to-day musings, the event’s overarching philosophies toward technology’s global reach run parallel to my own.

I demoed a Screach trivia experience, which included questions from the other speakers and IntraHealth (the event’s organizer). I polled the audience on topical global health issues in a manner that elicited dynamic audience feedback which was visualized on the venue’s large projection display.

The purpose of the demonstration was to illustrate mobile technology’s ability to put power in the hands of the audience. It showcased how “Serious Games” could be embedded across healthcare to engage, inform, and learn from an audience. I have embedded the video of my presentation above. Rather than describing every aspect of the experience in text, watching the video will give you a deeper understanding of mobile technology’s reach and potential.