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Location-Based Game SCVNGR Brings Rewards to AT&T Stores

I’m bullish on SCVNGR. The Google backed startup (the search giant invested $4 million in the mobile company) is making waves in the location-based gaming sector. SCVNGR’s platform is built off of its founders’ expert understanding of game mechanics. The company utilizes interactive challenges and social gaming techniques to drive actions within real world environments. 

Similar to other location-based services, SCVNGR has an overarching reward component. Instead of being rewarded for checking-in, SCVNGR users earn points by completing challenges. True to its name, SCVNGR delivers real world scavenger hunt styled gaming experiences to mobile consumers as they navigate places.

The company is currently running a promotion for wireless company AT&T. The collaboration is designed to drive consumers to AT&T stores for the launch of the Samsung Captivate. The company has set up point-driven challenges in over 50 AT&T stores across the Midwest. The new media campaign is designed to heighten the customer experience once a person steps through the wireless retailer’s doors.

Connecting with other customers, taking pictures of store items, and answering location-specific questions are all part of the unique gaming scenarios that SCVNGR has built into its partnership with AT&T. By satisfying the store challenges, consumers generate rewards in the form of product discounts. If a consumer acquires 15 points through the completion of AT&T challenges, he will get $50 off the Samsung Captivate.

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