I don’t imagine I’ll be part of the first wave of Apple Watch owners, but I absolutely believe in the future of the device and the overall smart watch category. Apple recently announced that over 3,000 apps have been developed and approved for the Apple Watch App Store. Sure, a majority of the apps aren’t going to be very useful, but I  believe that enough will be valuable to make the device incredibly successful. Even though our smartphones are just a reach away, it’s impossible to deny the sheer convenience of turning your wrist instead of pulling your phone from your pocket.

There are countless times that I just need to glance at my phone, whether to check my calendar or verify walking directions. There are numerous tasks that fall into this glance or quick use category. There are some apps that are just better suited for your wrist. Countless fitness and health tracking apps come to mind.

As an avid golfer, I can’t deny how useful I would find the Apple Watch to be. Enough so that I will definitely buy the device at some point. If you have ever used a distance finder golf app, you know how annoying the wake up phone and swipe to unlock process is when you do it multiple times per hole. Simply accessing the information via a smart watch would not only save me time and aggravation, it’s just a much better experience. Add in the fact that there will surely be apps that take advantage of the device’s motion sensing capabilities to provide athletes with untold insights into everything from their golf swing to their football throwing motion, it becomes impossible to deny the device’s potential success.

I am excited to see how the developer community will expand on the Apple Watch’s potential. I envision that this will occur in the same way that developers have transformed the smartphone from a connected device to browse the web and make phone calls to a taxi hailing beacon, a virtual assistant, an on-demand doctor, a translator, and a camera with infinite possibilities.