I need to thank Jason Goldberg – @retailgeek, a super talented shopper marketer, retail designer, and visual merchant, who tweeted a link to this video. The “Future of Shopping” video from Resource Interactive, one of the nation’s top-rated digital agencies, highlights the speed and degree to which the world of retail is changing.

Commerce is everywhere. Social connectivity is being weaved throughout our physical world. Experiences are being tagged, shared, and commented on by our social graphs. Our online behaviors are stepping into the real world, and vice versa. The walls between virtual social spaces and retail stores are coming down.

The video’s overall commentary on our changing world is filled with optimism, excitement, and opportunity. In its expression of the retail breakthroughs we are bound to see over the next few years, the video challenges its viewers to take an active role in the disruption.

Some of my favorite gems of insight from the video include:

Point of Sale Becomes Points of Sale.

Mobile Device as a Digital Looking Glass

Everything Becomes Interactive and Shoppable, from billboards to product tags.