I must say that I had a great time at MediaPost’s DOOH Media Forum yesterday. I ran in to friends from the industry, including Rishi Shah of ContextMedia and Dan Albritton of Megaphone (two very smart and talented CEOs), and made a number of new connections. The event was well attended, and included a wealth of insights and engaging discussion on the current state (and future) of digital out-of-home media.

The panelists represented a diverse cross-section of the media industry. They included heads of media planning and buying shops, emerging media directors, high-level agency creatives, and a plethora of other agency folks who the Digital Signage Expo would love to see at its annual industry conference. (On a side note: In its current form, DSE doesn’t appeal to the agency audience. To get even a fraction of the agency showing from yesterday’s event to DSE, the conference needs to focus more on the networks, content, and strategies than hardware/software.)

If I had to pick one word to take from the event, it would be “Collaboration.” It was a common theme amongst the panels. It was, however, the lack of industry collaboration that speakers focused on. Many on stage throughout the day called out to see greater “Collaboration” across the DOOH industry.

I forget exactly who said it, but one of the speakers from the Strategic Planning panel commented that the extreme competition between DOOH companies was crazy. The panelist couldn’t believe that there wasn’t more collaborative invention between network operators, especially considering the small size of the industry’s slice of the overall communications budget. Speakers highlighted the need for like networks to work together in building stronger relationships with advertisers, proving enhanced network research and case studies to agencies, and bridging the gaps between alternate software platforms.

This is just the start of my commentary on MediaPost’s DOOH Forum. Be on the lookout on Monday for a more detailed recap, including thoughts from my panels on consumer privacy and “what’s next” in DOOH. The link below will lead you to videos from the event: