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How I Know the Apple Watch Will Be a Success

I don’t imagine I’ll be part of the first wave of Apple Watch owners, but I absolutely believe in the…

Splatter Virtual Paint w/ Nokia N8

Talk about a cool interactive experience. This installation for Nokia World turns a Nokia N8 smartphone into a virtual paintbrush….

Cisco on Retail Trends and The New Normal (VIDEO)

Thanks to a tweet from Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group this morning, I landed on a great video discussing retail…

A “Captive Audience” Has Options: Smartphones, Tablet PCs, and Beyond

You might be asking yourself why I placed the words “captive audience” in quotes within the title. Those who read…

Will Howard Stern Create the Model for Future Media Networks?

He could become his own medium. He could start his own radio station – on the Internet, with multiple platform…

iPhone App from Universal Interacts with Blu-ray Movies

How would you like to access bonus content on a Blu-ray disc by using your mobile phone as a virtual…

2D Barcodes and Digital Signage – Part II

As a result of the enormous revenue that could come out of the 2D barcode sector in the United States,…

Digital Signage in Bars Meet Skout Out

Digital Signage in bars and nightclubs is a market opportunity that continues to garner attention from companies in our industry….

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