I’ve been watching the television show Pure Genius, and I want the approach to medicine that the show champions to be the norm. The premise is that a startup billionaire has brought together the best minds in medicine and technology to take on the cases that no one else will. And, all the care is free.

In each episode, the staff at Bunker Hill Hospital, the show’s fictional medical center of the future, develop and pursue innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. They blend software and hardware ingenuity with an explorer’s approach to medicine.

healthcare multitouch digital wall

The hospital itself features cutting-edge technology at every turn. From interactive digital walls in patient rooms, which can show medical images one minute and picturesque vistas the next, to a 360-degree digital control room tracking patients through next-generation wearables, Bunker Hill is made to look like a place built by a Willy Wonka in scrubs.

healthcare wearable ehub

I recognize that it’s naïve of me to think that building a hospital like Bunker Hill, or practicing medicine beyond the bleeding edge, is even feasible. I’m not a doctor so I have no idea whether the cases and solutions featured on the show are even realistic.

I love what the show represents

It challenges the limits of healthcare through innovation and the spark of genius that fuels an entirely different way of thinking. Even if the show is unrealistic in its ability to save patients through cutting-edge technology, I believe that there must be a middle ground. Why can’t we strive to make the impossible possible in healthcare? Why can’t we pair the best minds in technology with their equals in the medical field?

When technology is used as an integral part of patient care, outcomes are improved. We’re seeing digital wallboards being integrated into exam rooms (thanks to companies like ContextMedia) and mobile apps being used to streamline communication between doctors and their patients. Innovative minds are creating 3-D printed organs to use for surgical training. We’re taking steps to make some of the ideas featured in Pure Genius a reality. I just want it to happen faster and on a larger scale.

Even if it’s an impossibility in today’s environment, I want Bunker Hill to exist. I want software developers, engineers, data scientists, creative thinkers, and doctors to brainstorm healthcare solutions daily. That’s the world that I want to live in, one that envisions new forms of medicine and technology when others see dead ends. Think about how rapidly medical care would change if the greatest minds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, cardiology, neurology, and internal medicine worked together to conquer healthcare.

While Pure Genius is the creation of television producers, with technology that may never see the light of day, the characteristics of its fictional staff, such as a will to question everything, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and an ambition to challenge the status quo are not.